New to blogging? May the 4th be with you…

Where to start?

You know the scenario, you’re busy and you’ve got many things to do.  You need to start somewhere, but there’s so much background noise you can’t hear yourself think. It reminds me of the image from the Matrix, the one with all those numbers…how do you decipher what it all means?  You have your work commitments and priorities, your home and social life to live; so where do you find the time, the inclination to start writing a blog?


Where to start? How to start? Should you dip your toe in the water or dive straight in?  Have I really got something to say that anyone will want to read?  So many questions and so many much advice to help, but what’s right?

I like the one line adages and one comes to mind as I write this


No-one is forcing me to do write anything, but if anything is going to be written, then it’s up to me. And so I’ve begun.

And what exactly have I started?  Well in my mind I’ve started on a journey. And as with any journey, it’s advisable to know where you are going, otherwise you could end up meandering all over the place and end up anywhere! You’ll pleased to know that I do have a clear idea of my destination, although the plan is still being mapped out. 

So where am I heading? 

Well I’m not going to tell you just yet, suffice to say it is in part why I’m blogging. I want to record my journey and the challenges I face along the way. 

The key focus of my journey is sustainability in the context of the construction industry and academia.  Ray Anderson is the author of the radical industrialist and he writes about the need to influence one mind at a time.  Well I know he’ll be pleased he’s influenced me and in my next entry I’ll write about this influence.

So on Star Wars day, May the Fourth be with you …

Thanks for reading

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