The Curse of the West Ham Front Cover

West Ham LogoIt’s with a great sense of pride that I can say that my ten year-old son is now a West Ham fan through and through.  He’s becoming obsessed or should I say he is obsessed.  Due to his increased enthusiasm for the game, it was only right that we should become season tickets holders together and each game we buy the Match Day programme.

Whilst he will not read books, he happily reads Match / Match of The Day magazines and his prized Match Day programmes.  He knows more than I do now and constantly surprises me with the facts he comes out with.  So you can picture the scene, it’s past his bedtime, he’s supposed to be asleep and there this call,

“Dad, you’ve got to come and look at this”.

The Champions League matches were not holding my attention too much, so with a little reluctance I went up the stairs to see what the fuss was about.  Before I could say ‘you should be asleep’, my son probably anticipating such an approach, pre-empted me by asking the question:

“Didn’t Winston get injured in the first five minutes of the game against Bristol City?”

Suddenly any frustration goes as I’m intrigued by the question and then stunned by the follow-up that comes before I can respond:

“And didn’t Carew get taken off before half-time against Leicester?”

And so we look at all the Match Day programmes and discover the “Curse of the Match Day Cover”.

With the exception of Big Sam for the game against Cardiff and Capt Kev (in a joint cover picture) for the Blackpool game, every player that appears on the cover has been injured in the game or shortly after (as the table below shows).

The question is which player is on the cover for the Derby game and will the curse strike again?

Match day

Opponents Front Cover image Injury


Cardiff Big Sam None


Leeds Joey O’Brien Hamstring


Aldershot James Tomkins Groin injury on International duty


Portsmouth David Bentley Injured knee


Peterborough Henri Lansbury Knee Injury at Southampton


Ipswich Mark Noble Dislocated thumb


Blackpool Capt Kev and Carlton Injured


Leicester John Carew Taken off after 25 mins


Bristol City Winston Shoulder injury after 5 mins