Has the Government Construction Strategy Delivered?

“Has the Government Construction Strategy Delivered?”
was the question  addressed in my talk to the monthly meeting of the London Construction Excellence Club in May 2015.

The Government Construction Strategy (GCS) was published in May 2011 setting objectives to be achieved by the end of the Parliament i.e. May 2015.  So this was a timely event, but more significantly from my perspective was to gauge the understanding of the GCS and whether it had had any influence over practitioners to do things differently.

So before I gave my views I asked the audience, both within the room and those following on Twitter two questions:

  1. Has the Government Construction Strategy delivered?
  2. Has it influenced you to do anything different?

Using Poll Everywhere the audience were able to participate by responding via either the internet or text.  The results were shown after people had had the opportunity to respond.  As the first chart indicates the majority of respondents didn’t know whether the GCS had delivered or not and similarly as shown in the chart below the majority of respondents indicated to NOT being influenced by the strategy.

GCS02The slides for the presentation are accessible on slideshare and a storify of the tweets has been created.

At the end of the presentation the same two questions were asked: GCS03And in relation to whether people believe they have been influenced by the GCS, the implications of the final poll question would indicate more so than originally thought. GCS04

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